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April 2023 Edition: Ample Solutions Quality Assurance Centre High-risk or Counterfeit Part Report

April 2023 Edition: Ample Solutions Quality Assurance Centre High-risk or Counterfeit Part Report


As an industry leader in Asia's electronic component distribution landscape, Ample Solutions has always been at the forement of quality assurance(QA). We are the first to establish an internationally recognised quality assurance centre in China that follows international IDEA standards, as well as the first QA centre to be ISO17025 compliant in China.

To safeguard our clients’ interest and to provide the latest market intelligence on high-risk or counterfeit parts, Ample Solutions QA Centre has consolidated a report comprising of the intercepted parts via the Tier 1 and Tier 2 inspections. This report is published for the month of April 2023 and subsequent reports will be published on a monthly basis. 

Tier 1 Inspection Intercepted Part List

What is Tier 1 inspection? This refers to the process of labelling and packaging verification by comparing shipment labels with the original label and packaging in the Ample Solutions label database. Tier 1 inspection has an interception rate of 90%.

(The table below is not the full version of the report, please reach out to for full report)


Tier 2 Inspection Intercepted Part List

What is Tier 2 inspection? This refers to visual & marking inspection by using the LEICA microscope with a magnification up to 160x, to inspect the interior and exterior sides of the component for its dimensions and check for scratches, polishing, breakage or oxidation on the BGA. Tier 2 inspection boasts a interception rate.


The full April report of Ample Solutions QA Centre, including the origin, date code, and images of the parts, cannot be made public due to data classification. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to for the full report. 

High-risk or Counterfeit Part List in April from the ERAI Reported Parts Database

Note: This database contains information on non-conforming parts reported by ERAI members globally, and we have consolidated the reported parts in April 2023 for your reference. 


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