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133% Boost in Daily Testing Volume with Ample Solutions' Quality Assurance Centre Upgrade

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Quality has always been the core of Ample Solutions' business, driving the construction and development of the Ample Solutions Quality Assurance(QA) Centre. As we continue to expand our global strategy and business, the growing demand for stringent testing services from major clients has led to an upgrade of our QA Centre. With preparation works beginning in late 2022, the upgraded space is now in full operation to ensure the safety of our clients' supply chain in the electronics manufacturing industry, raising the bar yet once again in quality assurance standards.

New Upgrade, Committed Service

With this upgrade, Ample Solutions QA Centre can now carry out more inspections simultaneously while strengthening the verification accurancy of product reliability. The daily testing volume has increased by a whopping 133% — inspections can be completed within an hour and inspection reports can be generated within two hours. The centre has also attained an exceptional interception rate of for countfeitfeit/high risk components, fulfilling the quality control requirements of clients worldwide.


Some of the newly added inspection equipment

The total area of the centre has increased by 200 square metres, some key facilities include three new failure analysis laboratories, one environmental reliability laboratory and one electronic & electrical laboratory. 11 new equipment including the Kelvin Semiconductor Parameter Analyser, Keysight Impedance Analyzer, LEICA Optics Stereo Microscope, Paragon Liln and SONIX Scanning acoustic microscope have been added to the list. The centre possesses the ability to carry out ten major inspections and over 100 detailed tests, including impedance analysis, X-RAY non-destructive testing, MCU programming, high-temperature ageing, XRF RoHS testing and ultrasonic scanning failure analysis.



Ample Solutions' inspection engineers at work


New Environmental Reliability Laboratory

Furthermore, the upgraded centre space has been divided based on their respective scientific functional areas —namely the quality management team, testing technology team and report management team to enhance the centre's daily operational efficiency.


Internal training for inspection engineers

Apart from upgrading the hardware aspects, Ample Solutions QA Centre has also made significant progress in growing its team of experts. The expanded centre has onboarded 16 new professional quality inspection engineers, each receiving training from recognised organisations to further enhance the competencies of the inspection team.

High-Precision Operations Powered by World-Class Standards

Ample's QA centre adheres closely to the guiding principles of "Scientific, Unbiased, Timeliness, and Advancement" and conducts regular calibration exercises.



Calibration conducted by GRG Metrology & Test engineers

Ample Solutions QA Centre is a strategic partner of the authoritative third-party calibration agency, GRG Metrology & Test, whose engineers would carry out regular calibration of high-end precision equipment in our QA Centre in accordance with national standards. Some of the equipment includes the Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analyser, Optical Digital Microscope, High-Temperature Aging Box and Precision LCR Tester. During the calibration process, each instrument is rigorously, scientifically and comprehensively tested, ensuring that the accuracy of the instruments falls within the acceptable range, to deliver precise and accurate inspection results.


Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analyser and operating manuals on the wall

In addition to hardware construction and personnel training, the centre attaches significant importance to the development of the quality management system.

Did you know? Ample Solutions is the first to establish an internationally recognised quality assurance centre, following international IDEA standards and also the first to be ISO17025 compliant in China's domestic electronics distribution industry.

Service Excellence with a Far-Reaching Goal


With the upgrade completed, we have further enhanced our quality control capabilities through our use of state-of-the-art equipment, internationally recognised laboratory facilities, scientific quality assurance system and top-notch service experience. Additionally, the strategic location of the centre in Shenzhen offers advantages in local risk control and interception, giving it a further edge to provide world-class supply chain service for our clients, making Ample Solutions the distributor of choice for global manufacturing enterprises.

While continuously strengthening our own quality assurance capabilities, Ample Solutions QA Centre is also open to external collaborations with industry peers, to drive the development of the industry positively and reach new heights in quality development. Ample Solutions QA Centre will continue to strive towards service excellence and quality electronic component supply chain services for global electronic manufacturers, achieving customer success.

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