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Meet Ample Solutions at electronica China 2023 - Stand to Win a Tesla Model 3 and More!


Ample Solutions, a leading electronic component distributor, will be participating in electronica China 2023 under the 安芯易360ic brand, which is a subsidiary of Ample Solutions. As the most important meeting place for the Chinese electronics industry, this annual trade fair brings together the biggest players in the industry to showcase their latest technologies, products and services. The event will be held from 11-13 July 2023 at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai, China. It is expected to attract thousands of visitors from across the globe, with many of the biggest names in the electronics industry in attendance.

With an impressive booth area of 1,600 square feet, Ample Solutions will be showcasing our cutting-edge supply chain solutions. Visitors to the 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions booth can expect to be wowed by the services that the company has to offer to help our partners succeed in the competitive world of electronics. One of the highlights of the Ample Solutions booth will be an exciting lucky draw of five iPhone 14s and a brand new Tesla Model 3. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to win incredible prizes and learn more about how Ample Solutions can help your business succeed in the electronics industry.

Who Can Participate?

●    Global electronic manufacturing industry professionals over the age of 18.

●    To participate in the on-site lucky draw, please visit the 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions booth and verify your identity.

Complete Task to Quality for Lucky Draw:

To be eligible for the lucky draw, participants must register online or offline and complete the following task to enter the draw pool.


1. Follow Ample Solutions' LinkedIn page here

2. "Share" a post related to electronica China 2023 to your LinkedIn profile. 

3. Take a screenshot of the shared post as proof.

Submit Participation Form:

To participate in the draw, fill in this form:

The lucky draw is based on the principles of fairness, impartiality, openness and will be conducted using a lottery system provided by a notary public. All participants who have completed the task and registered before 12 July 2023 will be entered into the system. 

Duration of Lucky Draw:

Effective immediately until 12 July 2023, 6:00PM(GMT+8)

Terms & Conditions:

1. Each participant is only allowed one submission and is not allowed to win more than one prize.

2. The relevant event posts refer to posts related to Ample Solutions' participation in electronica China 2023.

3. The Phase 1 prize will be delivered by mail (the winner will be contacted for identity verification before mailing). The Phases 2-4 prize winners are to arrive at the booth to verify their identities in order to collect their prizes.

4. For Phases 2-4 draws, participants must submit the registration form and bring their ID card(electronic)/name card or other relevant identification documents to the 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions booth for verification during the exhibition period.

5. The organisers, contractors, co-organisers, and other related personnel of the event are not allowed to participate in this event. This includes employees from 安芯易360ic, Anpudaxin, Ample Solutions, Briocean and Xinshiye.

6. The act of following and sharing must remain intact at the point of prize collection. If the "Follow" action is revoked or the shared post is deleted, the winner will be disqualified and denied the prize collection.

7. The winners are required to collaborate with 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions for promotional activities. This includes, but is not limited to, posting on social media, capturing photos and creating videos. The copyright of all the produced materials will be owned by 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions , and the winners must provide authorisation to 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions for the usage of these materials for promotional purposes.

*All matters related to the lucky draw are subject to the interpretation of 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions.

Lucky Draw Prizes:

●    Grand prize: 1x Tesla Model 3 (Black, Rear Wheel Drive)

●    Special prizes: 5x iPhone 14 128GB (Colours selected will be random.)

Location of Lucky Draw:

●    Phase 1: The winner will be announced via the official WeChat account of "安芯易360ic".

Scan to follow "安芯易360ic" on WeChat:


●    Phases 2-4: 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions booth F302 in Hall 6.2 and Automotive Electronics Carnival booth F502 in Hall 6.2.

Lucky Draw Phases

Draw Type
Date of Draw
Phase 1: Online

1x iPhone 14 (Colour selected will be random.)

Winner will be selected via the lottery system. The staff will conduct an online verification of the winner's identity and upon confirmation, the prize will be dispatched via delivery.

30 June 2023
Phase 2: On-site

1x iPhone 14 (Colour selected will be random.)

Winner will be selected via the lottery system, the prize will be dispatched via delivery 

upon identity verification.

11 July 2023
Phase 3: On-site

1x iPhone 14 (Colour selected will be random.)

Winner will be selected via the lottery system, the prize will be dispatched via delivery 

upon identity verification.

12 July 2023
Phase 4: On-site

2x iPhone 14 (Colours selected will be random.)

1x Tesla Model 3 (Black, Rear Wheel Drive, worth USD 34,000)

Winners will be selected via the lottery system. For collection instructions, please refer to the clause below.

13 July 2023

Important Information for the Lucky Draw Announcement:

1. The draw for iPhone and Tesla prizes will be conducted by 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions' representatives under the supervision of a notary public, both online and on-site.

2. iPhone prizes: After being drawn, the host will call out the winner five times. If the winner is not present, the prize will be forfeited, and the prize will be redrawn. If there is no winner after six draws, the said prize will be forfeited.

3. Tesla prize: After the winner of the car prize is drawn, the host will announce the winner five times. If the winner is not present or does not respond, the event staff will contact the winner on site by phone. If there is still no response, the prize will be forfeited and redrawn. If no one claims the prize after six redraws, the said prize will be forfeited.

4. For Phase 1 prize draw, the identity of the winners will be verified after the draw. If the verification fails to meet the requirements, the winner's qualification will be cancelled, and the prize will be redrawn. For Phases 2-4 prize draws, participants must verify their identity at the 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions booth before entering the prize pool.

5. All prizes will be drawn by the system provided by the notary office and the entire process will be open to the public. The lucky draw events from 11-13 July 2023 will be live-streamed on the WeChat channel of "安芯易360ic".

6. After the prize draw, Ample Solutions will announce the winning information through our official channels for a public notice period of 5 working days. During this period, stakeholders may raise objections in writing to the event organiser. In the absence of any objections, Ample Solutions will send out the prizes after the conclusion of the public notice period. 

7. Each round of the draw will select 3 candidates sequentially. If there is concrete evidence during the public notice period that proves the winner does not meet the conditions specified in the lucky draw rules, the prize will be awarded to the next eligible candidate in line, and so on. Therefore, all winners must undergo the verification process during the public notice period.

*Please note that none of the prizes can be exchanged for cash.

Grand Prize Tesla Model 3 Collection Terms:

1. For winner who fulfills all car purchase requirements:

The winner must contact 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions (Contact: +86 19928756804) by 31 July 2023 and coordinate with a staff member to handle the purchase of the car prize. The winner may visit any Tesla showroom in Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an or Shenzhen, and respective staff from the selected location will pay for the expenses related to the vehicle purchase only (excluding various insurance and tax fees, etc.).

2. For winner who fulfills all car purchase requirements but wishes to transfer ownership/does not fulfill car purchase requirements, Ample Solutions will allow the transfer of ownership or use the car prize for charitable purposes on behalf of the winner. To do so, the winner must sign a "Vehicle Transfer Agreement."

2.1. The car prize can only be transferred to a Chinese citizen in China. The recipient must provide identification issued by the Public Security Bureau within 30 days.

2.2. Before the transfer can be made, the winner must sign the "Vehicle Transfer Agreement." Both the original winner and the new recipient must be present at the car dealership.


1. The 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions grand lucky draw event upholds the principles of fairness, impartiality, transparency, and truthfulness and hereby declares the following disclaimer. Before participating in the event, users are advised to carefully read the following terms and conditions. By participating in this event, users indicate their understanding and acceptance of all the following terms and conditions:

2. This event is not affiliated with Apple or Tesla. All gifts involved in this event cannot be exchanged for cash. The final interpretation of this event belongs to 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions.

3. All prizes for this event are purchased through official channels, and are based on official specifications and physical items sold in official stores. 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred by participants due to the use of the prizes.

4. During the event, if any force majeure event (such as natural disasters, fires, etc.) occurs, which leads to the impossibility of executing the event, 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions reserves the right to modify the event rules, terminate the event, or change the equivalent value of the prizes at any time.

5. Participants who take part in this lucky draw are deemed to have voluntarily accepted the terms and conditions set forth in this disclaimer. The right to modify, update, and provide the final interpretation of this disclaimer is solely reserved by 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions.

6. 安芯易360ic/Ample Solutions is committed to providing adequate security measures to safeguard the confidentiality of your information and prevent any loss or unauthorised disclosure. By registering for our services, you acknowledge and authorise us to keep you informed of any updates or relevant information pertaining to our company and its activities.

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